June 15, 2024

My BMW Page

Welcome to my new page. I guess once a BMW nut, always a BMW nut. While I have owned around 20 BMWs over the years, I haven’t owned any in around 7 years. I got started 20 years ago with a 97 E39 6 sp… much like this one.. but you see, I sold it. The horror. I got way too into Racing. Campaigned about 6 different E30 / E36’s over the years and then one day realized I was done. I had mostly moved on to be an Audi guy. Worked on some pretty big Audi racing teams and much preferred where the company was going vs BMW.

But then things changed. I got a call from a buddy selling his immaculate and fully modified 540i. A car that I did a lot of the early wrenching on 20 years ago. He took it to another level however and is an absolute beauty. I had to have it. We worked out a deal and I drove it home to the Pacific Northwest.

The Details:

2000 540i 6 speed

  • ESS Supercharger with 6 psi pulley, injectors, software etc (@ 45k Miles)
  • Front and Rear StopTech Big Brake Kits
  • 18″ AC Schnitzer wheels and a set of 18″ BBS RS GT Wheels
  • Supersprint Headers and Exhaust
  • Quaife Differential
  • KW Coilover Suspension
  • Rear LED upgrades
  • Front HID upgrades with Angel eyes
  • Interior Euro Dash, Arm Wrest
  • Euro Double thick side glass
  • Front Comfort Windshield
  • Full color matched body trim
  • Entire engine bay and trunk bay painted and clear coated for a perfect finish
  • Zionsville Aluminum performance radiator
  • UUC Ultimate Flywheel and UUC 850csi Clutch
  • M5 lighted gear shift knob
  • M 3 spoke steering wheel swap
  • Nav 4 and 16:9 screen upgrade, voice module, tv tuner, dvd player