BimmerPower Racing is an evolution of a passion of mine from the year 2000.  I got the car bug bad.  Bought a nice E39 540i, did every mod possible.  Took it innocently to a DE one day at Memphis Motorsports Park.   From there it turned into a passion.  I ultimately created and ran several companies, race teams etc. over the last 15 years as well as got involved with several pro teams in Grand-AM/IMSA.

I started racing as many do. I did a bunch of DE’s, and wanted more.  I then ran SCCA, NASA etc in some mild classes.  After a couple of years that wasn’t enough.  I decided to see how good I really was.  I entered and competed in USTCC -United States Touring Car Championship.   This was a quasi pro series.  We competed and raced for money, and there was some damn good talent.   After a few years and a self reflection on the amount of money I had “invested”, I decided to focus more on the business side of things.  I evolved BimmerPower Racing into BimmerPower Motorsports.  Formed a business focused on aftermarket, tuning, etc.  This didn’t go as hoped, and ultimately I started another business, Above All Motorwerks.  This ended up as a fairly successful business.  We were an online OEM parts reseller, and made a strong run for about 8 years.  Markets changed, and ultimately it was time to get out.

I decided to get back to what I loved.  Driving.  Then some cool new options like 24 Hours of Lemons, ChumpCar and WRL were discovered.  I ran several races as a renter and several more as part of a team.  I built my own car, and ran only once, before rules packaged changed and again forced a change.  I am now in mid build of another platform.  I have finally given up on worrying about where things will be classed.   I just want to get it done, and go have some fun.

There is much more to it.. but this gives you an idea of how I got here.  Now… the next step, lets hit the track.

Wade Powell – Owner, BimmerPower Racing