BimmerPower Racing is wholly owned by Wade Powell.   I have competed in many types of racing both as a driver, as well as an owner or crew.

Here is my background / racing resume:

Driving / Racing

  • 2000 – Attended 5 BMWCCA and PCA drivers schools
  • 2001 – Attended 6 BMWCCA and PCA drivers schools
  • 2002 – Attended 4 BMWCCA and PCA drivers schools
  • 2003 – Attended Midwest Council racing school, and obtained Competition License.
    • 3 race weekends, in BMW E30 ITS.  No incidents, one top 3 finish
  • 2004 – Midwest Council, ITS E30 – 4 race weekends.  No incidents, two top 3 finishes
  • 2005 – SCCA regional license acquired
    • Competed in 3 events in an E36 325i ITS.   2nd place finish, and 3rd place finish – Check out the old school video :)
  • 2006- NASA, United States Touring Car Championship license
    • Competed nationally in the USTCC series
    • First Place Finish, Mid-Ohio
    • 2nd Place Finish, Mid-Ohio
    • First Place Finish, Miller Motorsports Park
    • Seventh Place finish, Miller Motorsports Park (was hit on first corner messing up alignment)
    • USTCC E36

Took a break from driving for several years, focusing on growing my business, and working as a crew member for several Grand Am teams.  (see details below)

  • 2010 – Nürburgring, Nurburg GermanyMe and Sabine
    • Nordschleife – 40 Laps on the Nordschleife in various race cars including Scirocco, GTI, E46, E92 – Set 8:33.8 Bridge to Gantry E46 330i mild prep
    • Formula 1 Grand Prix track – Full day event with BMW Club of Netherlands, BMW E92
E92 Scirroco
  • 2011 – Nürburgring Germany – 40 Laps on Nordschleife in Scirocco, BMW 1 Series, and BMW E92
  • 2013 – Nürburgring Germany – 25 laps on Nordschleife, 1 hour on Grand Prix track

  • 2013 – 24 Hour of Lemons Race @ Road America.  Four Ring Circus-1996 VW Cabrio.  Ran two, 2 hour sessions with no incidents, and set fast lap by 2 seconds over teammates
  • 2014 – February 8/9, Road Atlanta ChumpCar with Maximum Oversteer/SimonSays – Finished 6/108.  Integra.  Ran two, 2 hour sessions w/ no incidents, and times consistent with owner/fastest driver with zero prior Road Atlanta Experience, and Zero car experience
  • 2014 – March, Nürburgring Germany – 25 Laps on Nordschleife in Scirocco, BMW 1 Series
  • 2014 –April 5/6, ChumpCar Autobahn – Save the Ring BMW 325is – Ran 4, 2 hour sessions sat/sun.  Set consistent times within .2 sec of pro driver  (who was evaluating / buying the car)  11/48 with teammate with no track experience.  Had 2nd fastest lap in field Sat race


  • 2014 – June 22/23, ChumpCar Road America Four Ring Circus-1996 VW Cabrio.  Ran two, 2 hour sessions with no incidents, and set fast lap by about 1.5 seconds over teammates.  Finished 8/48
  • 2014- Aug 9/10 VIR 24 Hour Chump Car Four Ring Circus 1996 VW Cabrio.  Ran 3, two hour sessions holding fastest times in car, no offs, no contact.
  • 2014 – Oct 18/19 NCM ChumpCar.  5/45 in a 110 hp car! Car Four Ring Circus 1996 VW Cabrio Ran two, 2 hour sessions with no incidents, and set fast lap by about 1.5 seconds over teammates
  • 2015 – March, Nürburgring Germany – 15 Laps on Nordschleife in Scirocco, BMW 1 Series


To Date, not a single DNF in any race I have competed in, and I have never had any significant incidents or damage behind the wheel.  

Only contact I have had in any ChumpCar/Endurance has been a single side to side contact resulting in no damage.

Tracks Driven:

  • Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Rockton, IL (5+ events)
  • Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI (both configurations) (4 events)
  • Gateway International Raceway, East St Louis, IL (1 event)
  • ButtonWillow Raceway, Buttonwillow, CA (1 event)
  • Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, UT (2 events)
  • Memphis Motorsports Park, Memphis TN (5+ events)
  • Mid-Ohio Raceway, Troy, OH (2 events)
  • Putnam Park, Mount Meridian, IN (2 events)
  • Nürburgring Nordschleife, Nurburg Germany ( appx 150 laps)
  • Nürburgring Grand Prix track, Nurburg, Germany (multiple events)
  • Road Atlanta, Braselton, GA (1 event)
  • Autobahn Country Club-South, Joliet, IL (1 event)
  • National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, KY (1 event)
  • Virginia International Raceway, Grand Course, Alton, VA (1 event)


Racecraft Engineering

Have spent approximately 15 years in race craft engineering, nearly all on BMW and VAG platforms.  Have built from street car, an E30, several E36, and assisted with several VW GTI’s and an Audi S4.

Experienced in suspension design, brake work, & roll cage fabrication

Have spent several years involved in data analysis and race strategy.

Crew / Trackside Support

2006 – Above All Motorwerks – Crew Chief USTCC – BMW E36 328i

2006-2007 – Grand Am Car Chief – Koni Challenge – Team Cobalt California.  Worked the majority of the season as fly in crew, and served as Car Chief for one of the Cobalts.    Drivers – Tom Lepper, Austin Harris, Aaron Poveledo

2008 – 2010 – Grand Am Continental Tire Challenge – APR Motorsport, Fly-in Crew / Car Chief

316912398_lmb_1505 305703772_DD4rh-L 20578_1301314862368_5670532_n

  • 2008 – Car Chief, #181 VW GTI ST.   For Randy Pobst and Mark White, and Sabine Schmidt
  • 2009 – Car Chief, #IMAGE_031181 VW GTI ST.  For Dion Von Moltke and Ian Baas
  • 2010 – Car Chief, #01 Audi S4 GS.  For Ian Baas, Mark White, Jordon Taylor